Geoza Background Aspects

Geoza uses most of the Background Aspects listed in the ARIA rules, although some may have special applications within the world of Geoza.  Several additional Aspects have been added which are unique to Geoza - mainly in the area of Spiritual Aspects.

Some Aspects listed include an annotation (silvdot.gif (870 bytes) or golddot.gif (878 bytes)) to indicate how much the Background Aspect listed has been changed or added to in comparison to the ARIA rules.  If no dot is next to a listed Aspect, that Aspect will function very similarly or identically to the Aspect in the ARIA rules.  A silver dot 'silvdot.gif (870 bytes)' next to the Aspect means that while the Aspect is similar to the listing in the ARIA rules, a significant change (details added or partially eliminated) has been made to the Aspect to adapt it to Geoza.  A gold dot 'golddot.gif (878 bytes)' next to the Aspect means that it is very different from the ARIA rules, or it is entirely new to Geoza.
Note:  some Heritage Groups have additional Background Aspects not listed below:  these Aspects will be detailed under their respective Heritage Group Profiles.  Specific Heritage Groups may also have special applications of some of the listed Aspects:  those too will be detailed under each Heritage Group.
Some minor parts of the ARIA rules text have been adapted for many of the descriptions.  The text used has been paraphrased to better explain the relation of the Geoza world setting to the ARIA rules.  No challenge to the copyright of  the ARIA game system is intended.