Mana Profile

The following profile defines the use of the Mana Origin in accordance with the ARIA Reality system.
Origin Template
Omnessence Fundamental
Paradigm Elements

Origin Template

Nature Mana is Non-Sentient, but is inextricably related to Geoza itself, which is partially sentient.  Thus Mana may at times display "behavior" which seems almost sentient.
Form Essence.  Mana is the basis of Geozan reality, the underlying force which manifests as all of existence within Geoza - rocks, trees, wind and rain are all manifestations of Mana.
Genesis Inherent.  Mana is intrinsic to Geoza - neither exists without the other.
Connections Related.  Although the basis for Reality, Mana is not the only Origin within Geoza.  Related Origins include Runes and Alchemy.  Spiritism is indirectly related.
Orientation Visceral (Non-Sentient)
Relations None (unaware)
Origin Notes Those who can gather and shape Mana are known as Mystics or Magicians, or in some areas, as Warlocks or Witches (these terms are typically pejorative, although not universally so).  In some regions those with Psychic powers can also be known by some of the same terms, sometimes interchangeably.
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Omnessence Fundamental

Primary Trait Aura (Empathy)
Affinity (see Resistance)
Inanimate affinity varies by material
The Omnessence Province of Mana is very flexible overall.  Mana is most powerful in the Archetypes of Creation, Divination, and Manipulation, and in the Organic and Matter Dominions.  It is somewhat capable in other areas, with the exception of the Reality Dominion.  Since Mana is so closely tied to the nature of Geozan Reality, Mana is poorly suited to affect Reality in any significant way.  Mana is weak in the Metamagical effects that rely on the Reality Dominion.
Archetypes Dominions
Conjuration 7 Flux 6
Creation 9 Organic 9
Destruction 7 Matter 9
Divination 8 Reality 5
Manipulation 8 Spirit 6
Transformation 7 Will 6
Province Aspects Mana has five major Elemental Aspects:  Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Spirit.  Use of Elemental Aspects is optional within the Geozan Reality, but offers an additional degree of detail.
Province Notes All Archetype and Dominion ratings increase by one for Ritual Mana Shaping effects.
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Category Pervasive
Mana can manifest in several forms, which are described in this section.  Mana manifestations (especially enduring ones) can be important components to territorial disputes, since they aid in the Shaping of Mana, in Enchanting, and are often associated with valuable Alchemical materials sources.
Manifestation Description
Shallows The "default" manifestation, Shallows typically have an availability of 5-7, and are fairly constant in availability, changing only gradually over long periods of time (months or years).
Pools Areas of constant high availability (7-9), with little or no change, even over long periods of time.
Flows Areas of gradually increasing availability (6-8), typically changing within a short period of time (days or weeks).
Flows generally alternate with Ebbs in a cyclical manner, although one does not have to immediately follow the other.
Ebbs Areas of gradually decreasing availability (4-6), typically changing within a short period of time (days or weeks).
Ebbs generally alternate with Flows in a cyclical manner, although one does not have to immediately follow the other.
Upwelling An area of very high availability (8-10), surrounded by roughly concentric areas of gradually decreasing availability (5-7).
Vortex An area of very high availability (8-10), surrounded by a roughly concentric area of very low availability (2-4), which is surrounded by roughly concentric areas of gradually increasing availability (4-6).
Availability within a Vortex may vary greatly within a brief period (hours or days).
Mana is typically much more erratic within a Vortex and the immediate surroundings.
Vortexes can appear/disappear quickly, but are generally associated with Ebbs or (rarely) Pools in such instances.
Flats Flats are areas of generally poor availability, typically having an availability of 3-5, and are fairly constant in availability, changing only gradually over long periods of time (months or years).
Manifestations generally fall into one of three categories:  Minor, Local, and Regional.
Minor manifestations are typically no more than a Stadia (200 paces) in diameter (+1 Difficulty to detect), and typically much smaller.  Most Mana Pools, Upwellings, and Vortexes are Minor manifestations.
Local manifestations are typically between one and ten Stadia in diameter.  Local manifestations are typically Shallows, Flows, Ebbs, or Flats.
Regional manifestations are generally 20-50 Stadia in diameter, although larger manifestations have been observed on rare occasions (-1 to -3 Difficulty to detect).   Regional manifestations are unusual, and when they do occur, are nearly always Shallows, arising very rarely in other forms.
A manifestation is noted as follows:
"Minor Flow 6" or "Regional Shallows 5."
Availability Varies from 2 to 10, based on strength of localized manifestations.  Average availability is 6.
Manifestations typically are dominated by one Elemental Aspect or another, but may on occasion contain a more balanced combination of Aspects (see Amount).
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Category Finite
Aspects Recyclable.  The total amount of Mana in Geoza does not change, it merely manifests differently.  For practical purposes, the amount of "free" Mana available in flows, tides, pools, etc. is nearly infinite.
Amount Levels Variable.  Although Mana is typically abundant (8-10), Amount Levels can vary from Manifestation to Manifestation.  The Amount Level(s) for each Manifestation should be added in parentheses following the availability notation, as in "Minor Flow 6 (8)" or "Regional Shallows 5 (9)."

If using Elemental Aspects, the Amount Level of each Aspect will typically vary from Manifestation to Manifestation, and should be noted, as in "Minor Flow 6 (8, Air 10)" or "Regional Shallows 5 (9, Water 6)."

Extensive gathering from a single Manifestation in a short period of time may locally reduce the Amount level for an indeterminate period.   This tends to be more relevant with Minor Manifestations than with Local ones.  Regional Manifestations are generally immune to this kind of reduction.  The amounts gathered and time frames involved may vary from Manifestation to Manifestation.  Locally reduced amount levels may also temporarily increase the erratic nature of Mana.

Category Freely Accessible
Aspects Gathered
Range = Manasense Rank * Availability Level paces.
Manasense enables sensing of Mana manifestations at ranges of up to Manasense Rank * Availability Level stadia (one stadia equals approx. 200 paces)
Method Mental (Concentration:   Open, Interruptible, Fatigue Trial (difficulty modified by (10-Availability Level)
Ease of Access 1 (Completely Accessible)
Access Time One Action Interval
Access Facility 10 (Completely Open to Access)
Notes Total per Access Interval = Availability of Manifestation + Amount Level + Access Facility
Access Facility can be reduced if too many adepts attempt to access the same manifestation.  Each manifestation should have an access threshold, which is the maximum number of adepts that can access that manifestation at the same time.  Typical threshold values would be 5 for a Minor Manifestation, 30 for a Local Manifestation, and several hundred for a Regional Manifestation.
Divide the threshold number into 10 (10 / threshold).  The result is the reduction in Access Facility (round down) per additional adept that attempts to access the same manifestation.
Example: three adepts are attempting to access the same Minor Manifestation 6 (8).  On their own, each adept could access up to 24 points of Mana per Access Interval.  Since all three are trying to access Mana from the same manifestation, the Access Facility for that Manifestation is reduced to 6.  (10 / threshold 5 = 2.  Access Facility 10 minus 2 per additional adept = 6).  That means that each adept can only access 20 points of Mana per Access Interval.
Areas where a lot of mystics gather together either have several available manifestations, or the adepts experience generally lower Access Facility levels.  This is one reason why significant manifestations attract groups of Mana adepts - large groups of adepts need larger manifestations to function effectively.
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Category Possible
Adept = Aura * (Charisma (Willpower) + Trauma Resistance +5)
Inanimate Object Must be enchanted (Affinity 0) in order to store Omnessence.
Aspects Mana which is being accessed in preparation for shaping an effect need not be stored so long as the Access process is not interrupted - the adept can continue to gather as much Mana as he needs (subject to Fatigue limits) until he has finished Preparation for the effect.  Once the effect has been shaped, any excess Mana gathered will dissipate unless stored.
Enchantment of materials is defined as the reduction of the affinity of an object/material to zero, at which point the object becomes capable of storing Mana.  Storage capacities of materials vary.
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Omnessence Nature
Category Dynamic Erratic
Limitation Aspects All Mana Effects are Natural: fire can be doused, material created  will wear out, etc.
Notes Potency can vary in effect +/- 10-80%. To determine variation, roll 2d5 and subtract from Availability. The result multiplied by 10% is the variation applied to Potency before calculating the final effect. Elemental Aspects (if used) can modify the amount of variation, typically reducing or eliminating the effects of Potency variation if appropriate Mana is used for an effect.
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Paradigm Elements

Category Preparation
Aspects Concentration (Required, Neutral)  The adept must maintain concentration while Preparing/Shaping an effect.
Symbols (Possible, Enhancer) Arcane symbols can reduce the time required to shape an effect, if the symbols are already scribed.  Wands, staves and scrolls can all serve this purpose.
Materials (Possible, Enhancer) Alchemical materials can reduce the amount of Omnessence required for an effect.
Actions (Possible, Enhancer / Ritual: Required, Enhancer) Ritual gestures can help focus the adept's concentration, granting a bonus to maintain concentration and avoid interruptions while Preparing/Shaping an effect.  Such gestures are required during ritual shapings, but may be used with any shaping to help concentration and focus.
Language (Possible, Enhancer / Ritual: Required, Enhancer)  Ritual phrases can help focus the adept's concentration, granting a bonus to maintain concentration and avoid interruptions while Preparing/Shaping an effect.  Such phrases are required during ritual shapings, but may be used with any shaping to help concentration and focus.
Time One Action Interval (Variable, Manipulation) Use of Enhancer Aspects may lengthen preparation time.
Variation Facility
Preparation Trial None.
Interruption Not allowed; Adept must make a Willpower Trial to maintain concentration if interrupted during preparation.   The base difficulty of the trial is 2, modified by the Effect Might of the Paradigm being prepared.  Especially intrusive interruptions (such as being wounded) may further modify the difficulty.  If the Adept fails the Trial, preparation ceases and all Mana gathered/allocated to the effect is wasted (see Waste, below).
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Paradigm Method Shape
Casting Time = Preparation Time
Effects Trial Base = Aura (Empathy)
Rank = Average Omnessence Skill (Archetype + Dominion, divided by two, rounded down)
Difficulty = Affinity of Target
Fatigue None from casting or preparation.
Base Range Personal
Range can be expanded to Touch (Slight Scope) or Sight (Impressive Scope).
Base Area Radius
Area Increment =(Aura) paces
Base Interval Instantaneous
Base Duration can be expanded to One Action Interval (Slight Scope), or to a Narrative Interval (Moderate to Mythic Scope, based on length of Narrative Interval.  Five minutes would be Moderate, an hour would be Impressive, and a week would be Mythic).
Once a Duration Interval has been established for a paradigm, the Duration Interval can be extended (see Extend Duration Temper Aspect).
Effects Cost
Scope standard
Potency standard
Intricacy standard
Passive Base = Aura (Affinity)
Rank = Charisma (Willpower)
   (or by Affinity of material)
Difficulty = Effect Might
Active Alter - can only be attempted through Mana use.  The Adept must have an average rank in the Configuration of the Altered paradigm at least equal to the Effect Might of the paradigm, or suffers a penalty equal to the difference on the Effects Trial .
Counter - can be attempted through any Origin.  If the Adept attempting to counter a Mana effect does not possess the Manasense ability, increase difficulty by one.
Participation Collective (Unlimited).   See notes on Ritual Mana Shaping.
Temper Aspects
Build Maximum number of Effects which can be built = Intellect
Delay Delay requires a Concentration Trial each Action Interval, but is otherwise unlimited.
Diminish Preparation time can be reduced at an increase in the difficulty of the Effects Trial.  The difficulty modifier equals the number of Option Points reduced.
Extend Duration Variation Facility 2.   Duration that has been expanded to One Action Interval (see above) can then be extended.
Imbed Effects can only be imbedded in the Aura of an adept, or in enchanted materials/objects.  See rules on Enchantment for details.
Mechanism Must be used in conjunction with Delay or Imbed.  Omnessence costs vary according to the activation method:
Mystical activation (requires Manasense): Slight
Psychic activation (latent or active talent): Moderate
Verbal activation: Slight
Somatic activation: Moderate
Divination effects may be necessary for more complex Mechanisms.
No Passive Resistance Only if Invited (this Temper Aspect is actually an amalgam of Invited and No Passive Resistance).  Cost is 1/10 total Omnessence cost for effect (minimum 2 Omnessence).
Overpower May not be used in conjunction with Delay or Imbed.
Permanence Cost is standard (twice the base paradigm cost).  Effects are natural once permanent and subject to normal dissipation or decay.
Removed Cost is standard.  Range must have been extended to Sight.
Sophistication May be used in conjunction with Delay or Imbed.
A special use of this Aspect allows the adept to reduce the effective Noise Level of an effect - for every three points placed into Sophistication, the effective Noise Level of the effect is decreased by one.
Target A Targeting Trial is required for Removed Effects, as well as for missiles, etc.  No cost.  Base = Aura, Rank = Intellect (Perception).  Base Difficulty = 2.
Widen Variation Facility 2.   Scope must include Area (Slight Scope)
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Waste Mana waste as a result of failed preparation requires an Avoidance Trial (Base= Aura, Rank= Charisma (Willpower), difficulty equal to 1/10th amount of Omnessence wasted (round up).  Failure on this Trial adds one rank in the Background Aspect:  Weakness for Shaping Mana.
Side Effects Weakness for Shaping Mana.   This Aspect requires the Persona to make a Charisma (Willpower) Trial whenever she senses the Shaping of Mana.  Failure results in the Persona having to Shape a Mana effect with an Effect Might equal to or greater than the Persona's rank in this Psychological Aspect.   At rank 6 and above, this Weakness becomes a Compulsion/Addiction.  This Aspect can be dangerous once acquired, as more frequent casting will tend to lead to more failures, more waste, and thus an increase in this Aspect.  Likewise, excessive failures on Weakness Trials can also increase the rank of the Aspect.  Extraordinary Success or better on a Weakness Trial can reduce the rank of the Aspect as well.   The tremendous potential for waste due to interruptions in Shaping Mana leads many wise magicians to use ritual gestures and language as a hedge against failed concentration.  For the same reason, attempting to Shape mana while heavily fatigued or injured carries additional risks.
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Geoza has many Omnis (mystical organizations) which are associated with Mana use.
Academy of Ascendent Sagacity A Karatasan association of both Mystics and Sorcerers which exists as a counterpart to the Priestesses of Kirsu and is sponsored by the Imperial Karatasan government.
Artificier's Guild (Cremio ArtivicatosAn independent association of artificiers (Mana users who enchant or otherwise craft using Mana).  Mainly limited to the nations of Merochas and Jyvelik.  Some Rune Magicians, Alchemists, and Spiritists also belong to this association.
Azhaeli A pan-tribal fellowship of Mystics in Thur.
Azure Circle An independent Aezjarean association of Mystics and Psychics.
Dolphin Warriors A Yanshin Order of Theurges who combine service to the god Asuan with Mana use.
Dragon Riders A Ssuhim Order of Mystics and Psychics who master the great wingless "dragons" of the Ssuhim Wastes (east of the Karatasan Empire).
Dwarven Artificiers An independent fellowship of Dwarven artificiers.  Some limited contact occurs between this fellowship and the predominantly human Artificier's Guild.
Flame of Truth A Mekystani Order within the Sacred Church of Holy Mytra.  This order is composed of Mystics and Psychics which have dedicated their talents to the service of Mytra.  Although not true Priests, members of the order do have religious status roughly equal to that of Priests of Mytra.
Guild of Magical Practitioners An independent fellowship of various Adepts of all types in Zur.  This organization is loosely defined at best, and varies in its ability to enforce a unified policy of any kind on its members.
Hsytha Shamans A fellowship of Hsytha shamans among the Hsytha of Merochas' Marisma Cranta.  Mystics, Shamans, and Psychics among the Hsytha all belong to this fellowship.
Lotus Blossom Brotherhood A Daenji Order of Mystics and Psychics which secretly serves the Daenji royal family.
Magesmith's Guild An independent association of Magesmiths (another term for Artificiers) among the mages of Knur and Laabor.   Extensive contacts (and contracts) exist between this association and the Artificier's Guild to the south.
Mahjaitanu Naij'aimah The Mylharran Imperial Order of Magicians.  All Adepts in Imperial service belong to this order, regardless of their Origin(s).
Mutai Witchwarriors An independent fellowship of Mutai Mystics.  Mutai Witchwarriors are actually Wizards who combine Mana and Spirit Origins - they are shapeshifters with a variety of totem animals.
Order of Cleansing Fire A Mekystani Order within the Sacred Church of Holy Mytra.  This order is composed of Theurge Paladins who combine service to Mytra with Mana use and/or Psychic talents, and skill at arms.   All members of this order undergo a seven-year period of secluded training before being sent back into the world to serve Mytra.
Paladins of Kirsu The male counterpart to the Priestesses of Kirsu, these Paladins are skilled Mystics as well as capable warriors.   They are bitter foes of the Flame of Truth.
Royal Arcane Society This association of Adepts of all types is sponsored by the King of Belaquin.  They have extensive contacts with both the Artificier's Guild and Magesmith's Guild, although neither of those organizations is allowed to practice openly within the Kingdom of Belaquin.
Sea Seekers A mysterious Aezjarean Order of Mystics and Wizards.  The exact goals of the group are unclear to outsiders (even to other Aezjareans), but seem to include the search for a powerful artifact that they believe was lost beneath the waves of the Great Ocean centuries ago.
Shou'sahmu A Shub'sah fellowship of Mystics in the T'Nubci region.  Little is known of the details of this organization, but human tribes in the region fear its members greatly.
Spirit Lodges of the Cheyhro A collective term for the Lodges of the Cheyhro peoples in many regions, whether Cheyhro, Staka, or Wishu.
Szarvas Council A loose confederation of previously independent Adepts in Pelos.
Wishu Shapeshifters A small sub-culture located in the mountains south of Mylharra.  Many in this group possess Mystic ability.
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