Mana Capacity of Materials

Mana Capacity for inanimate objects is calculated in a similar manner to that of an adept.  Each material, when enchanted, has a specific Capacity.  Each enchanted item also has two other ratings: the quality of its design (as an aspect of its craftsmanship and enchantment) and a size rating.   The size rating is determined according to the following chart:
Size of Object Size Rating Sample Objects
Tiny 0 Hairpin, Ring
Small 1 Dagger, Bracelet
Average 2 Sword, Shield
Large 3 Cart, Boat
Massive 4 Ship, Building
Likewise, the quality rating is derived from the degrees of success on the artisan trial used in crafting the object (where more than one trial was needed, take the lowest result) and on the enchantment - use the lowest result of all Effects Trials for enchantment paradigms used in enchanting the object.  Each of the two degrees of success used is compared to the following chart, and the resulting numbers are added together to obtain the quality rating (which will range from 2 to 10).
Degree of Success Quality Rating
Marginal 1
Complete 2
Superior 3
Exceptional 4
Mythic 5
The Capacity for an object is calculated by adding together the Capacity Rating and the Size Rating for the object, and then multiplying the sum by the Quality Rating of the component material of the object.   Where an object is made up of several materials of varying Capacities, use the Capacity of the most prevalent or appropriate material.  This section contains a list of typical materials, with their associated Capacity and Affinity ratings.
Capacity = (Material Capacity Rating + Size Rating) * Quality Rating