Ritual Mana Shaping

Ritual Mana Shaping is a cooperative effort between two or more adepts to create an effect greater than a single adept could create alone.  Ritual magic has several benefits, but with those benefits come additional restrictions.
First, the Configuration Might of Mana increases when Ritual Mana Shaping is performed.  The Archetype and Dominion ratings of the Mana Province each increase by one when the Mana is ritually shaped.  The accompanying restriction is that ritual shaping requires the cooperation of two or more adepts, and those adepts must coordinate their efforts through the use of jointly understood gestures and ritual phrases.  The use of such ritual gestures and phrases provides a common "rhythm" to the shaping which allows the cooperating adepts to time their mystical actions to achieve the desired result.  Adepts using ritual gestures and phrases also gain benefits to any Concentration Trials or related Trials they may be required to make during the course of the ritual.  Such gestures and phrases are often used during ordinary, non-ritual shapings for the same reasons.
Second, Ritual Mana Shaping can increase the effective Configuration Expertise of the Ritual Leader.  Every ritual shaping must have a designated leader, even if only two adepts are participating.  The Ritual Leader makes the Shaping Trial using his or her Configuration Expertise and Lore.   The use of ritual methods can increase the effective Configuration Expertise of the leader, if enough assistance of sufficient expertise is available to assist him or her.
To determine the potential increase to the Ritual Leader's effective Configuration Expertise, two things must be known: the number of adepts participating in the ritual, and the lowest effective Configuration Expertise of the other adepts.  The leader's expertise may increase by as much as three ranks, subject to the following restrictions:
1) The ritual shaping must be optimized to make use of ritual gestures and phrases, and each adept participating must know the same optimized paradigm.
2) To increase expertise by one rank, at least three adepts (including the ritual leader) must participate.  To increase by two ranks, at least nine adepts must participate.  To increase by three ranks, at least 27 adepts must participate.
3) The effective expertise rank of any adept participating in the ritual must be within three ranks of the target expertise rank (i.e. the new, improved effective rank of the leader).
Example: three adepts are attempting a Ritual Mana Shaping.  The leader has an effective Configuration Expertise of rank 8, while each of the other two adepts has an effective expertise of rank 6.  The leader's new effective expertise is rank 9, because a total of three adepts are assisting him, and all three adepts have an effective expertise within three points of the new expertise rank.   If one of the adepts had only rank 5, the leader's effective expertise would not improve (but they could still gain the other benefits of a Ritual Mana Shaping).
Although the effective expertise of a ritual leader may exceed ten, the Configuration Might limits of Mana still apply with regard to how much Mana may be shaped in any one effect.
Accessing Mana during a ritual shaping may be more difficult than normal, because multiple adepts are seeking to Access Mana at the same time, possibly from the same Mana Manifestation.  See the section on Access in the Mana Profile for details.  This is seldom a significant limitation, because adepts who are participating in a Ritual Mana Shaping can pool their resources together.  Any Mana Accessed by any of the participating adepts during the ritual can be used by the Ritual Leader.  This often enables groups of Mana adepts working together to create multiple powerful effects in fairly short periods of time, because they are able to Access more Mana than they can immediately use.  Adepts participating in a ritual can store any Mana in excess of that used, if they have available capacity to do so.  Mana that is stored by a participant is not immediately available to the ritual leader, but can be made available during any Access Interval if the participating adept wishes to do so.