Society Name Telrak World Placement
Eastern Lyraej Hills and Lower Chasega River valley, north of the Wastes.
Society Concept Decentralized feudal society with no central government and frequent internal warfare; united only to defend against major outside threats.
Terrain ??? 
Climate ??? 
Society Age Age Value 6 Society Scope 5
Years 384 Society Location Telrak
Founding Date AV 350 Geographic Size Small Country / Region
Population 97,300
Maps Region: Riverlands Environment: Telrak
Related Narrative Environments
Major Heritage Groups Telrakan (Jalani Human), Merochasan (Jalani Human), Belaquini (Jalani Human)
Minor Heritage Groups Malyki (Mekys Human), Staka (Cheyhro Human), Drushae (Drushae)

Orientation War Active Isolation Value 14
Aspects Internal Feudal Conflicts Telrak is easily reached via river valleys, either along the riverbanks or by vessel.  Telrak is bordered by Merochas, Belaquin, and Malyk.   Roads are poor quality, and fighting frequently threatens travellers, both on and off the river.  Telrak is mostly isolated from Mekystan.  Travellers must cross a sparsely populated scrubland near the Wastes to reach Mekystani lands.
External Manipulation
Waste Incursions
Technology Value Interaction Value 10
Areas of Emphasis Materials, Fortifications, Weaponry. Telrakan interaction with other societies is often at the point of a sword (theirs or others').  Some trade is conducted, but such endeavors are more hazardous than normal, and only Telrakan traders routinely travel through Telrak.
Rate of Advancement 8
Rate of Assimilation 6 Subsistance
Major Fully Agricultural
Innovation Minor Fully Agricultural
Dominant Material 16
Power / Manufacturing 15 Societal Mobility Sedentary
Agriculture / Environment 13 Subclassification Semi-nomadic (Staka tribes and some Malyki)
Building / Architecture 15
Transport / Communication 15 Kinship
Military 16 Ascendant Patriarchal
Miscellaneous 15 Lineage Determinant Cognatic
Cultural 14 Inheritance Pattern Partible

Political Infrastructure Advanced Divided Economic Infrastructure
Aristocracy Exchange System Buying & Selling
Power 7 Economy Type Currency
Authority 4 What little Telrakan coinage exists is badly devalued, but coinage from Belaquin, Malyk, or Merochas is accepted (Merochasan is preferred).
Consent 4
Constitutional Support 4
Legal Complexity 5 Resource Value 8
Telrak lacks the stability to produce much beyond survival needs. Resources beyond subsistence needs are traded for war materiel or similar purposes.
Military Infrastructure
Primary Force Feudal


Exploitation 8 40%
Heavy Cavalry, Archers, and Medium Infantry.  Telrak has little or no river-based forces (navy).  This is primarily due to consistent action by Merochas if any significant river forces are developed. Telrak lacks the stability to readily exploit the resources that it has.  Suitable resources near the borders are often exploited in concert with outside interests (predominantly Merochasan, but some Belaquini and Malyki).
Supplementary Forces
External powers (official or otherwise) often send forces into Telrak to protect their interests, or to attempt to obtain more from others.
Relations 2 Trade 9
Telrak has poor to hostile relations with Merochas, Belaquin,   and Malyk (and on occasion with Mekystan). Telrak trades with surrounding cultures, but seldom maintains stable, long-term trading relationships.

Religion Scholastics
Tolerance 10 Tolerance 10
Prevalence 9 Prevalence 6
Diversity 10 Diversity 10
Both the Jalani and Mekys Pantheons are worshipped, although worship of the Jalani gods is more common. Scholastics are a luxury which is pursued only by a few wealthy individuals.
Arts Magic
Tolerance 13 Tolerance 13
Prevalence 6 Prevalence 9
Diversity 10 Diversity 11
Like Scholastics, the Arts are pursued only by the wealthy few who are interested. Adepts are sought after by various feudal lords to support their wars, for healing, and for other conflict-related purposes.  Other uses of magic are uncommon and viewed with some disdain.

Primary Foundation Power Military Custom of Status 6
Rigidity of Status 5
Nobility are the only people with status. If you have status at all, you are somehow considered noble, whether by "birth" (into a wealthy or powerful family, regardless of how recent a development such wealth or power was), or by "right of arms" (i.e. you acquired your wealth or power the old-fashioned Telrakan way, by taking it from someone else).
Secondary Foundation Capability Martial
Other Foundations Wealth

Personal Freedom
Vertical Aspects Horizontal Aspects