Heritage Group Merochasan Species Human
Environments Merochas Race Jalani
Telrak Heritage IP Cost 10

Inherent Attributes
Physique 2 Coordination 2 Intellect 2 Charisma 2
Aura 2 Insight 0 Faith 2 (Jalani Pantheon)

Background Aspects

Inherent Aspects Recommended Aspects
Resistance to Disease 5 Strong Stomach
Superstition (Undead) 2 Weather Sense
(select one Recommended Aspect at Rank 2) Ingenuity
Weakness (Alcohol or Drug)


Inherent Skills Recommended Skills
Merochas Lore 5 Streetwise
Language: Merochasan 5 Bribery
(select one Recommended Skill at Rank 3) Boating
Profile Restrictions
Urban Merochasans may not develop skills such as riding, tracking or wilderness without the use of a Situational Window of Opportunity.

Physical Traits

Frame Appearance
Frame Modifier (M) +2 Merochasans have typical Jalani features: bronze to olive complexions, black hair, and brown or hazel eyes.  Jalani are noted for their prominent noses, ranging from impressive to simply huge.
Frame Modifier (F) +1
Variation Low
Average (M) 6
Min/Max (M) 5/7 Resilience
Average (F) 5 Merochasans have superior resistance to diseases, as well as a natural acclimation to hot, humid climates.
Min/Max (F) 4/6
Variation Average
Average (M) 5
Min/Max 3/8 Age
Average (F) 4 Child 12
Min/Max 2/7 Adolescent 20
Young 30
Adult 45
Old 60
Elderly 80
Gender Ratio Venerable 100+
Male 48%
Female 52% Average Lifespan 60 years

Cultural Features

Principle Environment Warm Temperate Adaptation Average
Dominance Orientation Balanced
Merochasans are the dominant group in Merochas outside the Marisma Cranta.  They are non-dominant in Jyvelik, Belaquin, and Telrak (although their influence in Telrak can be substantial, especially in the southwest). Aspects Acquisition (Wealth)
Merochasans are famous for their shrewdness and equally infamous for their greed.  Merochasan customs and laws favor the wealthy.  Most Merochasans are superficially open to different customs, but only for the purpose of encouraging trade.   Merochasans rarely embrace other cultures, and generally hold tightly to Merochasan cultural beliefs, however open-minded they may seem to a merchant from another land.
Language South Jalani
Language Family Jalani
Dialect Merochasan
Related Dialects Telrakan
Custom and Lifestyle Status and Family
Symbols and Arts Clothing and Decoration
Merochasan garb varies, but a typical Merochasan worker dresses in a linen jerkin and trousers, low boots or sandals, a wide-brimmed hat, and possibly a light wool cloak or robe in cool or wet weather.  Merochasan women typically wear linen blouses and skirts, sandals, and wide-brimmed hats or head scarves.

Wealthier Merochasans are adopting cotton or silk garments, often heavily embroidered or layered for stylish effect.  Foreign styles of dress occasionally find brief acceptance, but such fads rarely last for long, and are typically worn only for parties and other social events, not for normal wear.

Jewelry is typically scarce, with quality considered more fashionable than quantity.  A single signet ring or chain for men of wealth is normal.  Women of means usually wear earrings, and possibly a bracelet or necklace.   A recent trend among the fringe elements of society is the male earring, often bearing some symbol of importance to their fraternal group.

Religion and Magic Historical Notes
Merochasans favor the deities Maeron and Asuan (although Asuan is mainly worshipped by sailors and fishermen).