Name Iolmarkazha ("Idol-Riders")
Governing Origin(s) Alchemy, Mana (Psychics) 
Form Association Resources 6
Membership 3 Scope 3 (Northern Namej)
Perceptions Iolmarkazha are known for their animated statues (Iola, or  "idols") that are manipulated spiritually by specially trained psychic mystics.  Although not held in the same esteem as a traditional Namujan warrior, Iolmarkazha are acknowledged as powerful elements in a battle, and are accorded a measure of respect above that due to their mystical abilities.
Orientation Demeanor
Omnessence Philosophy
Political Structure
Archive (Standard Effects)
Iola are large stone statues ranging in height from 2 paces to over 4 paces.  The statues are free-standing (i.e. without a pedestal or plinth) and enchanted to animate at the direction of an IolmarkazhaIolmarkazha are specially trained psychic mystics with the Pneumosis talent and at least some Manasense ability (they don't have to be trained in Mana Lore, although those who may lack that training initially seldom continue in ignorance, given their surroundings).  Iola typically depict a fearsome armored warrior with a masked helmet, although one is in the form of a large centaur, and another has the shape of a small bull elephant that carries a large stone mace in the grasp of its trunk (Iola do not ride each other, although human warriors may ride such Iola).  The artisans and sculptors who shape the Iola are becoming ever more creative in the appearance and decorations bestowed on their subjects.
Iola are the product of sophisticated alchemical enchantments, including not only the animation effects, but also various charms and wards to protect the Iol and Iolmarkazh in battle.  The newest Iola also include offensive enchantments such as fire lances or enchanted bolt throwers.  There are perhaps twenty Iola in existence - the statues themselves require lengthy and expensive alchemical processes, and the combination of psychic and mystic talents required for an Iolmarkazh is uncommon at best.  Training an Iolmarkazh can take months or years of rigorous lessons.  Most Iolmarkazh are not trained psychics or adepts when they are recruited, and must be trained in both disciplines.  Because of this limitation, early Iolmarkazha lacked much experience in manipulating the Iola in battle, and thus relied more on the novelty and shock effect of a walking stone statue to succeed.  As time has passed and more Iolmarkazha have been trained, the Kongol has worked to train its Iolmarkazha in modified martial techniques and tactics that are applicable to a huge walking statue.
Although large and not acrobatic, Iola are not excessively cumbersome.  They are very heavy, with the limitations that can carry with it, but are not slower than a man.  Most Iola are enchanted to be able to walk as fast as a man can jog, due to their longer strides.  Iola typically carry large oversized pole arms in battle, although some now carry large swords, and one Iolmarkazha prefers an enormous stone mace (all weapons are mystically enhanced).  Iolmarkazha are continually improving their weapon skills, and although they initially lacked proficiency, most are now quite competent vicarious warriors.
In battle, the Iolmarkazha are used as seen fit by the Koga-Chirn or Koga-Ra who commands them.  They boast no tactical geniuses among their number, and rely more on the military skills of the general than their own experience.  Still, they have learned that in most battles, they seem to see greater success when they are held in reserve as a group, and committed all at once to a key point in the battle.
The alchemical enchantments used in creating Iola are extensive.  First, the Iol must be given the power to move.  This is done through linked Manipulation/Matter and Transformation/Matter effects.  The transformation effects alter the stone in the "joint" areas, making them more flexible, while the manipulation effects perform the actual movements.  Second, the Iol must be given a rudimentary spirit using Creation/Spirit and Divination/Spirit enchantments that will receive the spirit of the Iolmarkazh and interpret his spiritual commands into the motions and actions of the Iol.  Thirdly, the Iol must be enchanted with alchemical "senses" through linked Divination/Flux (sight, hearing) and Divination/Matter/Organic (touch, balance) enchantments.  Fourth, the Iol is protected from obvious mystical hindrance or destruction through a series of protective charms and wards (against transmutation, shattering, dispelling, spiritual attack, etc.).  Additional sensory, utility, or protective enchantments are added as the Kongol's alchemists (draadora) devise them, and may vary from Iol to Iol.  Some Iol also have offensive enchantments (and all Iola carry mystically enchanted weapons, as noted above).
Typical Iol Profile
Movement 40 Miles / Day Height 16 (9')
10 Yards / Interval Weight One Ton
Agility 6 Endurance -
Hardiness 12 Quickness 6
Manual Dexterity 6 Strength 12
Endurance is effectively limitless.  Perception and all other attributes are based on the Iolmarkazha, although Perception in particular will be modified by the limits of the Iol's enchantments.
Option Points Although the Base Movement Rate is 10 yards per interval, the base Option Points remains 7, plus a bonus of one for Quickness = 8 Option Points
Weapon Base 4
Rank (varies by Iolmarkazha, typically 4-6)
Weapon (varies, typically an oversized Swordstaff - add 3 to all A/D values from size and enhancements)
     Typical Attack  or Parry Value is 16 total.
Unarmed Blows
(Punch or Kick)
Base 4
Rank (varies, typically Brawling 3-5)
Bonus 2 due to hardness and weight of Iol
     Typical Attack or Block Value is 10 total.
Armor Crush 12 Chop 10 Slash 15 Thrust 14 Pierce 15
Damage Wound results do not affect Iola in the same manner as they would a living warrior.  Physical damage does not require a Shock Trial of any kind, although Esoteric/Spiritual damage may.  Physical wound effects are summarized below:
Light Wound Superficial (Cosmetic) Damage, no hindrance
Wound Hindrance (+1 to +3).  May marginally affect movement or actions
Major Wound Hindrance (+4 to +5).  Will affect movement and actions, but will not result in loss of limb, etc.
Mortal Injury Hindrance (+6 to +8).  Typically results in some form of dismemberment or major damage to torso.
Death Decapitation or massive dismemberment.  Iol is effectively destroyed, although repair may be possible depending on specific outcomes.
Knockback: Generally, normal knockback results will not apply to Iola.  Only massive blows (equal in nature to the stature of the Iola) will have any chance at a knockback result.  Certain Esoteric effects may be able to achieve knockback results.
Larger Iola have an intrinsic height advantage when battling dismounted human-sized adversaries, typically resulting in a +1 Attack Modifier.  However, mounted adversaries are normally not at such a disadvantage.  Also, Iola may have greater difficulty attacking the lower bodies of opponents on foot with their weapons (although they would still be able to kick effectively).
Alchemical Paradigms
Animate Iol This paradigm (actually two linked paradigms using the Build Temper Aspect) enables the statue to move.
Create Iol Spirit This paradigm (two linked paradigms using the Build Temper Aspect) creates a rudimentary spiritual presence in the Iol that can control the animation (and other) enchantments.  This rudimentary spirit is, in essence, "possessed" by the Iolmarkazh when the Iol is awakened.  Although the spirit can control the Iol, and has sensory input through other paradigms (see Sensitize Iol below), it has no will or volition.  Because of this, the Iol is vulnerable to "possession" by just about any spirit that tries to enter the Iol.  Consequently, spiritual wards are essential to protect the Iol from random or hostile possession attempts (see below).
Sensitize Iol A series of Divination effects that provide the Iolmarkazha with sensory input in the form of sight, hearing, touch, and balance.  Other sensory effects are also possible, but every Iol has at least those four senses.
Iol Sight Provides the sense of sight
Iol Hearing Provides the sense of hearing
Iol Touch Provides the sense of touch
Iol Balance Provides the sense of balance
Ward Iol This is actually a series of similar paradigms, all of which protect the Iol or the Iolmarkazha in some fashion.  Typical paradigms are listed below:
Spirit Ward Protects the Iol from unwanted spiritual possession
Banishment Ward Protects the Iolmarkazha from Manashapings that attempt to "exorcise" him from the Iol
Shatter Ward Protects the Iol from damaging Manashapings
Dispel Ward Protects the Iol from attempts to dispel its enchantments