Create Iol Spirit

Origin Alchemy Scope Slight
Archetype Creation / Divination Range Touch
Dominion Spirit Area N/A
Configuration Might 16 (Creation, Mystical Forms)
72 (Divination)
Duration Permanent
Effect Level S: Potency Impressive
Noise Level S: Intricacy Moderate
Base Paradigm Cost S: 11 / 35, O: 7 [15] / 17 [41]
Magicology Levels Power Change Control Creation Illusion Sensitivity
These linked effects create a rudimentary spiritual presence in the Iol that is capable of directing the various animation enchantments (and any others that require some form of Esoteric signal to activate).  This spirit is very weak, but even so it pushes the limits of what Alchemy can manage in the Creation / Spirit configuration.  The spirit is just strong enough to link to the various enchantments, but isn't strong enough to defend itself from outside influence.  This makes the Iol vulnerable to exterior possession - something desirable for Iolmarkazha, but a weakness as well.  Strong spiritual wards are necessary to protect the Iol from unwanted spiritual possession.

This paradigm is the key secret to making an Iol.  Its use and details are known to only a few very trusted members of the Kongol.

Each paradigm consists of two effects, linked using the Build Temper Aspect.  The first is a Creation / Spirit effect that that creates the Iol's rudimentary spirit.  The second effect is a Divination / Spirit effect that "translates" the spiritual signals given by the Iol into the specific Esoteric mechanisms necessary to activate the Iol's enchantments.  The divination effect also is activated by an Esoteric mechanism: the "possession" of the linked Iol spirit.  Once a spirit with volition has taken control of the Iol's rudimentary spiritual presence, this paradigm activates, enabling control and movement of the Iol.
First Effect: Creation / Spirit
Scope Base Scope (2)
Scope is altering a Form (3)
Range is Touch
Area is N/A
Duration Interval is unaltered (Permanence Temper Aspect)
Potency Enhancement: Slight (1-3)
Intricacy Creation: simple spirit: Slight (1-3)
Total Base Cost Spontaneous: 11, Optimized: 7
Temper Aspects Permanence: 7 Optimized (using Mystical components)
Build (1)
Second Effect: Divination / Spirit
Scope Base Scope (2)
Scope is altering a State (1)
Range is Touch
Area is N/A
Duration Interval is unaltered (Permanence Temper Aspect)
Potency Fundamental Inertia: complementary to state: Slight (1-3)
Intricacy Divination: Spirit: Impressive (10-20)
Depth of Contact: Slight (1-3)
Familiarity: Slight (1-3)
Components: Slight (1-3)
Total Base Cost Spontaneous: 35, Optimized: 17
Temper Aspects Permanence: 17 Optimized (using Mystical components)
Mechanism: Esoteric (5)
Build (2)
Total paradigm cost, when fully optimized, is 15 omnessence for the first effect, and 41 omnessence for the second effect, within the limits of Alchemy for effects using components in their Mystical forms.