The Primal Order:   Conversion to ARIA

The following notes are an estimation of ARIA system parameters.  Specific notes on the use of The Primal Order in Geoza can be found here.
Resistance Rolls:
All Deities have the equivalent of the Fortune Background Aspect: Rank 3 for Godlings, Rank 4 for Demigods, and Rank 6 for Lesser Deities or higher. Note that if an entity had a higher Aspect prior to Ascension, he/she retains that higher rating.
Adjustments to Attributes, Skills, etc.:
The attribute range is from 1 to 10 for normal humans, although it is potentially open-ended at the high end. The average score in each of 16 attributes is five. A 10% increase in an attribute or skill is equal to a one-rank increase. When designing a divine-level character, add +3 to all Attributes after computing their costs: this can raise them above ten.
All Deities automatically have the Born Leader Background Aspect at Rank 10.
Power Levels for Characters:
Primal Order Term ARIA Interaction Point Total
Legendary 750 +
Master 350 - 750
Professional 150 - 350
Veteran 100 - 150
Amateur 100 -
Primal Blast Effects:
A Primal Blast always hits its target, no targeting roll required, and passive and active defenses such as dodges, armor, force shields, etc. do not apply. Damage affects the entire being of the creature hit: use the following chart to determine effects:
Primal Points: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9+
Damage Results: MaS CS CS SS SS ES ES ES MyS
Note that all Primal Blasts, regardless of Damage Result, cause a Bash result with a difficulty of 3 plus the amount of Primal Flux used in the attack, plus the normal Difficulty Modifier for the Damage Result (Marginal Success, Complete Success, etc.). No modifier for Attack Mode or Strike Location is used, although the condition of the battleground may affect the trial. Increasing the Difficulty of this Trial by the amount of Flux and adding the modifier for Success is not double dipping! The addition for the amount of Flux equates to the 'weight' of the attack, while the Success modifier is used normally. The Attack Mode and Strike Location modifiers are included in the base difficulty of three. In the event of instant death by a Mythic Success (nine points or more of Flux), the Mythguide may allow a Shock Trial at Difficulty 10 to convert it to a Mortal Injury, but at +1 Difficulty per point of Flux above nine.
Primal Shield Effects:
A Primal Shield interferes with any physical, psychic, magical, or other attack, and will stop non-offensive psychic or magical effects such as Divinations, Clairsentience, Scrying, etc. Attacks hitting the shield damage it, reducing it according to the success of the attack: Marginal Successes do not damage it. Complete Success reduces it by one point, Superior Success by two points, Extraordinary Success by three points and Mythic Success by four points.
Paradigm effects which do not result in physical damage, but which are offensive in nature will reduce the shield according to the success of the effect, just like a physical attack.
Primal Shields are assumed to be keyed to an Affinity of 10 with regard to external paradigm effects, unless willed differently by the creator.
If an attack would result in the Shield dropping below zero, first reduce the success by the number of levels it would take to drop the shield, and then apply the remaining level of success as a Trial result against the target. (Note that now passive defenses, etc. may further reduce the success of the attack.)
To hit an external shield, the attacker must successfully make an attack, applying as appropriate modifiers for a target of the size and speed of the shield; no active or passive defenses are used. If the attack succeeds, the effects are determined as above.
Against a skin-tight shield, roll the attack normally, taking the target character's targeting modifiers, defenses (both active and passive), etc. into account. If successful, the attack damages armor (physical or magical) before the remaining level of success is applied against the shield.
Against an internal shield, all attacks are handled normally, and damage is assessed normally if the level of success is Superior or less (Complete or less if the head, chest, or abdomen is the target). If not, the shield is treated exactly like a skin-tight shield, except that damage is applied to the character up to those levels, and the success level is reduced accordingly, before the attack is applied against the shield. If the shield is breached by an attack, any remaining level of success over Marginal is added to the level of damage already applied to the character. All attacks against the mind, etc. of the character impact the shield first, regardless of success, and may reduce it as stated above. Likewise, the shield stops attacks that try to fatigue the character or reduce attributes, etc.
The cost in Primal to support a Priest is equal to twice the maximum Configuration Might that priest is capable of casting.
Throwing Spells Primally:
In Geoza, the cost to throw a spell with primal energy, as outlined in Chapter Three of The Primal Order, is one point of Primal Flux per 30 Omnessence Points (or fraction thereof) of cost.
Pawns Integration Notes for Geoza:
Attributes: Pawns attributes convert to ARIA attributes using the following table:
Pawns attribute ARIA attribute
0-2 1
3-4 2
5-6 3
7-8 4
9-10 5
11-12 6
13-14 7
15-16 8
17-18 9
19-20 10
25 15
30 20
35 25
40 30
45 35
50 40
75 90
100 140
Pawns Strength converts to ARIA Strength.
Pawns Health converts to ARIA Endurance and Hardiness
Pawns Reaction converts to ARIA Agility, Manual Dexterity, and Quickness.
Pawns Intelligence converts to ARIA Intelligence, Intuition, Logic, Perception, and Wisdom.
Pawns Presence converts to ARIA Appearance, Communication, Empathy, and Presence.
Pawns Willpower converts to ARIA Willpower.
Pawns Destiny converts to ARIA Fortune Background Aspect according to the table below.
Pawns Destiny Rating ARIA Fortune Aspect Rank
0-3 (Doomed Rank 5)
4-6 (Doomed Rank 3)
7-8 (Doomed Rank 1)
9-16 No Effect
17-20 One
25 Two
30 Three
40 Four
Pawns Size converts to ARIA Height as follows: multiply Pawns Size times six, then subtract four from the result to find the approximate ARIA Height Characteristic. Frame and Physique do not directly convert, although they should roughly equal the conversion to height. Also, this rating will be the average rating for a race or species.
Pawns Speed is multiplied by five to find the ARIA Movement Rate per Action Interval.
Skill Ratings:
Pawns Skill Rating ARIA Expertise Rank
Amateur 3
Veteran 5
Professional 8
Master 10
Legendary 12
Legendary-1 14
Legendary-2 16
Every additional Legendary level adds two to ARIA Expertise Rank.
Unarmed Combat: If the creature is not of human intelligence or higher, or would not possess formal training in unarmed fighting, then the above expertise should be in Brawling. If the creature is trained, then assign an appropriate Unarmed Combat form.
Damage Scale:
Pawns Damage Rank ARIA Attack/Damage Modifier
0-3 0
4-8 1
9-12 2
14-16 3
17-18 4
19-20 5
25 7
30 9
35 11
For each additional 5 ranks of Pawns damage, increase ARIA modifier by two.
Attack Speed:
Pawns Attack Speed equates to ARIA Option Points: ignore any listed rating, and figure ARIA Option Points based on Movement Rate, Quickness, etc. Only in cases where a creature has extra attacks from multiple limbs, etc. should any alteration be done, and then it may be accomplished by assigning an appropriate Option Point cost for that action.
Defense Strengths:
Pawns Defense Rank ARIA Defense Modifier (average)
0 0
1-3 1
4-6 2
7-9 3
10-12 4
13-15 5
16-18 6
19-20 7
25 9
30 11
35 14
40 17
45 20
50 24
55 28
60 33
65 38
70 44
75 50
Magical Aptitude Rating:
Pawns Aptitude Rating converts to ARIA Magical Expertise scores according to the table given above for expertise. The average of all twelve expertise scores should equal the number given for expertise rank. This will allow a creature to have a very limited but powerful capability, or a less powerful, broad-based capability with magic.
Mentalic Aptitude Rating:
Converts to Geoza Psychic Disciplines as listed for Magical Aptitude above.