Alchemical Materials

Flora Fauna Materia Esoteria
Alchemical materials are substances, in a variety of forms, which possess significant amounts of Potential Omnessence (PO).   Such materials may be unique, such as a type of plant that always possesses a certain type of PO, or may be superficially identical to other common materials, but is different because it possesses more PO than normal.  Such materials are often found in areas with higher than normal amounts of Mana - sources of powerful Mana manifestations.  Some Alchemists and scholars refer to such locations as magical Loci (singular Locus), because of the link between Mana and Potential Omnessence.
Note: this section frequently refers to Mana Aspects.  If the optional rules for Aspected Mana are not being used, simply ignore such references.
Alchemists categorize Alchemical materials in diverse methods.  They can be grouped by the Configuration of PO they typically possess, or they can be grouped according to the material form in which they naturally occur.   Some Alchemists have devised more complex arrangements for categorizing materials, but most use one of the two just mentioned.  In this section, the materials will be grouped according to their material forms in four general categories: Flora, Fauna, Materia, and Esoteria.  Each form is defined and discussed in its own section.
Note: Although descriptions of some processes have been added to this list, most entries will simply give a brief description of the substance.  The exact details of Alchemical processing are beyond the scope of this system.



Flora are materials which are derived from herbs and other plants.  Flora are the most common sources of Potential Omnessence in most areas of Geoza.  Many herbs consistently possess certain Configurations of PO, and may be even more potent if collected from a magical Locus.
Flora often concentrate PO in certain parts of the plant - for some, it might be most abundant in the roots, others, the leaves.   Some plants manifest PO in the sap or milky juice found in the stem.  Specific methods of gathering Flora are sometimes necessary.  The gatherer may need to drain the sap of a plant in the darkness of night, for example, to obtain the substance in its most potent form.
Flora are frequently processed by drying or boiling, but occasionally more intricate methods are possible.  The silkroot, for example, is filled with fine, long fibers which must be carefully separated from the meaty pulp of the root in order to make use of their potent Spirit Potential Omnessence.   Silkroot fibers are extremely fragile until they have been separated from the pulp and soaked in vinegar for several hours.  After processing, the fibers are stronger, although still fine and easily broken.  Silkroot fibers can be tied into intricate knot patterns to form Runes, or mixed with other fibers to make Alchemical papyrus or paper upon which Runes can be inked.
Some sample Flora are listed in the following chart, along with a brief description of typical processing methods:


Configuration PO / Fasa Processing Difficulty Base Processing Time Mystical Processing Difficulty Mystical Processing Time Fasas / Mystical Process


25 5 One Day 8 One Day 9

Silkroot is obtained from the long, fine fibers of the silkroot, which must be separated carefully from the meaty pulp of the root and then soaked in vinegar for several hours.  To refine the fibers into their Mystical form, they must be carefully soaked in a urine solution for several hours and then carefully worked to loosen remnants of a stiffening substance linked to the fiber.  The remaining threads are extremely soft and pliable, and even more fragile than in the Alchemical form.  Mystical silkroot fibers are often combined with other, stronger fibers.

Woundwort Transformation / Organic 20 3 One Hour 5 One Day 6

Woundwort is obtained by shaving small bits of the inner core of the root of the plant and steeping them in water.  The resulting solution may then be used in the creation of various healing potions or other Transformation / Organic effects.  The Mystical form of Woundwort is obtained by distilling the Alchemical form of the solution, removing impurities.  The resulting paste is a highly potent and concentrated source of Potential Omnessence.



Fauna are materials derived from creatures of all varieties.  Fauna are harder to obtain than Flora, but are still an important source of Potential Omnessence in many regions of Geoza.  Fauna may be obtained from inherently "magical" creatures - creatures which typically possess mystical abilities of some sort - or from exceptional individuals of more mundane species.  Exceptional creatures may have acquired their exceptional status in any number of ways, but many are found inhabiting magical Loci, just as Flora are.
As with Flora, the Potential Omnessence from Fauna is often concentrated in certain parts of the creature's body - and may sometimes vary in Configuration, depending on the part of the creature that is collected.  Specific methods of collection may also be necessary to obtain maximum potency.
Fauna are often collected as bodily fluids, dried and/or powdered bones or shells, but may also take other forms.  The hides of certain beasts are sometimes cured and used as leather or parchment, for example.   Other parts may be processed through more involved methods, extracting the essence of the animal into another medium, such as a liquid solution or gas.


Configuration PO / Fasa Processing Difficulty Base Processing Time Mystical Processing Difficulty Mystical Processing Time Fasas / Mystical Process



Materia are inanimate and inorganic forms of Potential Omnessence.  Typical Materia include certain rare metals, precious stones and crystals, and even certain naturally occurring fluids (such as waters from a spring in a magical Locus, for example).  As with other categories of Alchemical substances, Materia may be uniquely magical substances, or simply exceptional samples of more commonly found materials.  Alchemical Gold, for example, is highly prized by Alchemists for its potency in Manipulation, but not all gold possesses significant amounts of Potential Omnessence.  Veins of gold ore that are known to be magically potent are worth fifty times their mundane value.
Like Flora and Fauna, the Potentical Omnessence of Materia may be concentrated, as in the case of metallic ores, where the metal must be refined from the raw ore in order to Access the substance in its usable form.  Sometimes, the same processes that would be used on mundane ores is sufficient to extract Potential Omnessence in a suitable form.  For some Materia, however, additional alchemical processes must be used to fully refine the substances.
Materia may be found as rocks in riverbeds, mined from veins in the earth, or extracted from unusual areas like salt flats, mud baths, volcanic calderas, or deep subterranean wells.  Materia are most frequently found in magical Loci, but are sometimes found elsewhere, generally as a result of having been moved from such a Locus in some fashion, or perhaps as a result of a previous Locus fading away.


Configuration PO / Fasa Processing Difficulty Base Processing Time Mystical Processing Difficulty Mystical Processing Time Fasas / Mystical Process
Alchemical Gold Manipulation 25 4 One Day 6 One Week 8

Alchemical Gold is processed in similar fashion to its more mundane counterpart - the metal is purified and usually cast into small ingots.  Alchemical gold is a mixture of "normal" gold and the Mystical essential gold.  Refining the metal into its Mystical form consists mainly of repeated purification which separates out the "normal" gold, and leaves only the Mystical essence of the metal.

Amber Energy 30 3 One Hour 7 Two Days 6

Amber is well-known for its energetic properties.  One popular use for Mystical amber is the creation of glowstones, which give off a soft yet penetrating golden light.

Feather Water Conjuration 30 3 Two Hours 5 Four Hours 5

Feather Water is so called because it feels unnaturally light to the touch, almost ephemeral.   It is incredibly rare, found only in a few submarine springs, where fresh water from underground sources emerges into the sea in a Locus.  Such water is difficult to collect, of course, but only needs to be distilled from any impurities to be used.

Firestones Flux (Fire) 20 5 Four Hours 8 One Day 9

Firestones are reddish-gleaming stones, usually found in areas of Volcanic activity.  Firestones in their Mystical form actually glow reddish-orange and give off small amounts of heat, like coals in a fire.

True Jade Will 40 5 One Week 9 Two Weeks 9
True Jade is distinguished from the more common variety by its deep translucent green hue and glassy sheen.  It is a powerful alchemical substance, but rarely used in its Alchemical form - it is almost always refined to a Mystical form before use.



Esoteria are substances that require the alchemist to incorporate alchemical effects into their processing and refinement.   Orichalcum, for example, is a magical copper alloy that can only be achieved through alchemical Transformation and Destruction effects.  Esoteria also include the so-called "Elemental" materials, which must be stabilized alchemically in order to be of use.


Configuration PO / Fasa Processing Difficulty Base Processing Time Mystical Processing Difficulty Mystical Processing Time Fasas / Mystical Process
Orichalcum Reality 15 5 One Week 8 One Month 8

Orichalcum is an alloy of copper, gold, silver, and several rare earths.   All of the component materials must be in their Mystical forms.  Orichalcum itself may be used in either its Alchemical or Mystical forms.  Processing the Alchemical form requires that the Mystical metals be melted together, while a Transformation / Matter alchemical effect (usually achieved by quenching the ingot in a special alchemical solution) "fixes" the alloy into a hardened form.  The ingot may then be further refined by "melting" the alloy into an alchemical acid bath.  This specialized Destruction / Matter effect destroys most of the "physical" substance, leaving only the highly purified "essential" alloy.  The remaining substance may then be melted with alchemical heat, and cast into whatever shape is needed.  The Mystical form of Orichalcum retains some Potential Omnessence in the Reality Dominion, which is often used to assist in enchanting the Orichalcum item.  Mystical Orichalcum has an Affinity of only 1 (Alchemical Orichalcum has an Affinity of 3).
Orichalcum's most desirable property is its high Mana Capacity.  Orichalcum items are easily enchanted and can hold large amounts of Mana. 

Adamantium Physical 10 6 One Week 9 One Month 9

Adamantium is an incredibly tough metal, which cannot be melted by any known Geozan process, even magically.  The metal is separated from the ore via a Destruction / Matter alchemical effect, which turns all material except the metal into a powdery residue that can be washed away.  The adamantium remaining is in a spongy form, which must then be heated with intense magical heat.  The metal will gradually become soft enough to work, but remains incredibly difficult to work with mundane techniques.  Most often, adamantium is manipulated via magical effects, including Transformation / Matter effects to create mystical alloys.  Pure adamantium is dull gray in color, and is lighter and stronger than high quality steel.  When combined magically with certain rare earths, adamantium alloy turns either greenish-silver or deep blue-black in color.  The latter alloy is called black adamantium, the first is called either white adamantium, or simply adamantium.  Pure adamantium is rarely worked.  Both alloys are slightly easier to work than pure adamantium, but retain its strength and resistance to corrosion (adamantium never rusts or corrodes).  Adamantium in its pure state possesses Matter Potential Omnessence, which is typically used during the alloy process, but which may be preserved for use in the Mystical form of the metal.   The Mystical form is suitable for enchantment, and the potential Omnessence may then be used in producing further enchanted effects in the metal.