So what exactly is Geoza, anyway?  And what's this about Roleplaying?
How is Geoza different from all the other game systems out there?
Where can I play this game?  And with whom?
How do I contribute to Geoza?
How can I create a Geoza Persona?
If you have any questions which we haven't anticipated, please drop us a line and let us know about them!  We'll either add them to this page or answer them directly to you.
bullet.gif (892 bytes) So what exactly is Geoza, anyway?  And what's this about Roleplaying?
Geoza is a world setting for what is known as a Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG, or often just RPG, for short).   A Fantasy Role Playing Game is a system for telling stories - stories in which everyone playing the game has a role.  Roles are very similar to the parts which actors and actresses play in a movie.  Each player "acts out" the role of a character in the story - known as a Persona in this system, which is based upon the ARIA Roleplaying system from the former Last Unicorn Games.  Each Persona has his or her own goals, motivations, and background, which the player portrays through role playing.  Role playing is a lot like acting, except that instead of huge stage sets and multi-million dollar special effects, the Personas in a role playing game exist in the imagination of the players.  The ability to evoke colorful descriptions and dialogue replaces the huge expense of the movies.  And role playing allows something that movies can't provide: interaction and control over the storyline.  Personas, unlike actors, aren't limited to what the script-writers have given them, or what the director or producers think will make the best scene or the most money at the box office.  Instead, a player is able to take any action within the capabilities of the Persona.  Those capabilities are defined by the system - such as how good that knight is with his sword, or how skilled the magician is at casting a spell.  Different systems use different methods to define the capabilities of the Personas, but the intent is the same - to create a framework within which the players can help create a story.  Creating an entertaining (and, if possible, dramatic, tragic, or comedic) story is what role playing is all about.
bullet.gif (892 bytes) How is Geoza different from all the other game systems out there?
Geoza is different for several reasons:
1)  Geoza is based upon the ARIA system.  ARIA emphasizes storytelling through Mythic images and roles.  Some of the many superior features of the ARIA system include: 
- the ability to use Interactive Histories to tell the stories of entire peoples and kingdoms;
- enhanced social interaction systems to enable Personas to do more than just kill monsters and find treasure;
- a detailed and smooth combat system which allows Personas who do need to fight to do so with creativity and style.  Players aren't limited to "roll-playing" through combat.
- The most comprehensive magic system ever devised.  The ARIA Reality Creation rules allow for any magic system ever conceived to be used - and the Geoza World Setting has taken full advantage of those rules.
2) Geoza has a wide variety of cultures and narrative environments in which to tell your stories, and a richly detailed cosmology, including a multitude of deities, several kinds of magic, and an intuitive connection between the world and its magical nature.
This website doesn't have nearly enough of the Geoza world available on it - but more is added from time to time, and will continue to be added.  Geoza is full of potential for enrichment, and details and story ideas are too numerous to ever be complete.   Geoza is and will remain a "work in progress."
bullet.gif (892 bytes) Where can I play this game?  And with whom?
Anyone with the ARIA Roleplaying system can use Geoza as a setting for their role playing.  ARIA can be hard to find now that it is out of print, but If you use Geoza, please let us know.  We'd like to know how you are using it, and what creativity you bring to the world.  Who knows, maybe your contributions will end up on this site, available for everyone to enjoy?
bullet.gif (892 bytes) How do I contribute to Geoza?
Send email to with any suggestions, complaints (let us know about problems with the site!), or ideas you have.
bullet.gif (892 bytes) How can I create a Geoza Persona?
You can create a Persona two different ways:
1)  Until the complete rules are in place on this site, you can contact us (see above) with a character idea or questions you might have, and then we can work with you from there.
2)  Or, you can use the Persona creation rules on this site, in concert with the ARIA Roleplaying manual, to create a Persona.  If you want to have your character included on this site as a part of the Geoza world setting, send it to the webmaster for approval - Geoza is full of variety, but we still like to ensure that characters "fit" into the world-view we've established for Geoza.
We advise players who want to play an adept to contact us first, anyway.  There are many helpful tips we can give you about creating adept Personas in Geoza.  Adepts in Geoza are potentially very exciting and influential Personas, but they also require the most effort.


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