Society Name Yezruk World Placement Eastern Desert
Society Concept ---
Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic culture Society Age Scope 7
which worships Zaril, the Mekys god of
destruction and evil. Society Age Value 8 Location Yezruk

Age in Years 1478 Geographic Size Large Country / Region

Founding Date AP -745 Population Size 231938
Philosophical Orientation Isolation
Orientation Conquest Active Isolation Value 7
Orientation Aspects Isolation Description
Technology Interaction
Technology Value 0 Interaction Value 7
Areas of Technological Emphasis Interaction Description
Metalworking, Military.
Rate of Advancement 5 ---
Rate of Assimilation 6 Subsistance
Innovation Scales Major Classification Incipient Agriculture
Dominant Material 13 Minor Classification Primary Herder
Power/Manufacturing 13 Societal Mobility
Agriculture/Environment 10 Mobility Semi-Nomadic
Building/Architecture 7 Subclassification Semi-Nomadic
Transport/Communication 12 Kinship
Military 13 Kinship Ascendant Patriarchal
Miscellaneous 12 Lineage Determinant Patrilineal
Cultural Innovation 11 Inheritance Pattern Primogeniture
Political Infrastructure Relations
Infrastructure Class Advanced: Absolute Relations Description 0
Infrastructure Type Despotism Relations with Mekystan are openly hostile. Relatins with Malyk

and Karatas are poor, tense, or hostile.
Power 9
Authority 7
Consent 6 ---
Constitutional Support 6 Legal Complexity 5
Economic Exchange System Economic Foundation
Exchange System Buying & Selling Resource Value: 10
Economy Type Medium of Exchange Resource Description:
Economic Description:
Yezruk uses a currency, but does not mint the coinage itself.

Exploitation Value: 8 40 %

Exploitation Description:
Military Infrastructure
Primary Force All-Inclusive 7
Primary Force Description
Nomad Light Cavalry and Horse Archers. Some Medium Trade Value 7
Cavalry. Trade Description
Supplementary Forces
Medium to Heavy Infantry.
Religion Scholastics
Religious Tolerance: 15 Scholastic Tolerance: 10
Religious Prevalence: 15 Scholastic Prevalence: 10
Religious Diversity: 4 Scholastic Diversity: 10
Yezrans worship Zaril.
Arts Magic
Art Tolerance: 10 Magic Tolerance: 10
Art Prevalence: 10 Magic Prevalence: 10
Art Diversity: 10 Magic Diversity: 10
Status Personal Freedom
Primary Status Foundation: Capability: Ecclesiastic Freedom Aspects (Vertical):

Spiritual: Expression of Worship
Secondary Status Foundation: If you don't worship Zaril, you're likely to be killed.

Philosophy: Doctrine

Social: Marriage/Divorce

Women marry who their fathers tell them to marry, and may

not divorce.
Other Status Foundations Tradition: Authority

Freedom Aspects (Horizontal):

Material: Animals
Other Status Foundations Power: Esoteric Only heads of household own herds. Warriors may own their

mounts, but that is all.

Political: Obligation to Military Service
Custom of Status Value: 4 All warrior males must serve in the armies of Yezruk.
Rigidity of Status Value: 6