Society Name Zur World Placement
Denevrosaleza and Susurou river valleys, and areas of the western and southern Tuente Hills, southwest of the Riverlands proper.
Society Concept Anarchist pseudo-primitive clan-like society of freebooters, corsairs, and exiles.
Terrain ??? 
Climate ??? 
Society Age Age Value 7 Society Scope 5
Years 822 Society Location Zur
Founding Date AV -89 Geographic Size Small Country / Region
Population 43,000
Related Narrative Environments
Major Heritage Groups Daenji (Jalani Human), Jyvelan (Jalani Human), Merochasan (Jalani Human), Itasu (Itasu Human), Yanshin (Itasu Human)
Minor Heritage Groups Staka (Cheyhro Human), Lalahn (Lalahn Dwarves), Drushae (Drushae), Shub'gun (Hssuga), Hsytha (Hssuga)

Orientation Conquest Active Isolation Value 8
Aspects Acquisition (Wealth) Zur is isolated from neighboring societies by expanses of wilderness, hills, and mountains.  Although Zur can be reached by sea, the threat of Corsair attack discourages most travellers.
Revolution (Social)
Technology Value 14 Interaction Value 12
Areas of Emphasis Shipbuilding, limited applications of military technology. Despite its isolation, Zur is home to exiles and outcastes from many cultures and heritage groups.  Continued smuggling, banditry, and piracy of surrounding societies make up the bulk of interaction, although some legal trade takes place.
Rate of Advancement 9
Rate of Assimilation 3 Subsistance
Major Fully Agricultural
Innovation Minor Fully Agricultural
Dominant Material 15
Power / Manufacturing 14 Societal Mobility Semi-nomadic
Agriculture / Environment 12 Subclassification Sedentary (among some long-term residents)
Building / Architecture 12
Transport / Communication 17 Kinship
Ascendant Non-dominant
Military 14
Miscellaneous 12 Lineage Determinant Omnidirectional
Cultural 12 Inheritance Pattern Other

Political Infrastructure Advanced Divided Economic Infrastructure
Anarchy Exchange System Buying & Selling
Power 3 Economy Type Medium of Exchange
Authority 0 Zur has no formal economy, but does exhibit some symptoms of extreme laissez-faire free market economics patterns.  Coinage from most surrounding lands is accepted and used in Zur, although coin is not the only medium of exchange (or even the most common).
Consent 1
Constitutional Support 0
Legal Complexity 1
Military Infrastructure Resource Value 6
Primary Force Volunteer


Zur has some internal resources, although most are not exploited even halfway to their potential.  Zur relies on captured cargo and smuggled trade goods for most of its resources.  "Prices" for most luxuries are lower than normal, while food and drink bring premium prices.
Zurian Corsairs are accomplished at naval combat, although they lack experience with large fleet actions.  Similarly, Zurian brigands are adept at ambushes and small unit actions in hilly terrain, but are incapable of large formation battles or synchronized movement.
Supplementary Forces Exploitation 9 45%
Most residents of Zur would be hostile to any invading force, and insurgent actions would be a constant hazard to the invading army. Zur exploits its ability to steal, swindle, or otherwise obtain goods from surrounding societies.  Its own resources lie mostly dormant, although an occasional active effort is made to mine easily-reached deposits of precious metals.  Zur utilizes timber and stone resources in building.
Relations 2 Trade 7
Zur has openly "hostile" relations with Daenj, Jyvelik, and Merochas.   Zur survives mainly due to a lack of real desire by Merochas to take active control of the area.  All three societies employ spies, hunters, and agents provocateur among the residents of Zur. Zur conducts little legitimate trade, although extensive smuggling efforts into Daenj and Jyvelik bring trade goods from those societies.

Religion Scholastics
Tolerance 12 Tolerance 10
Prevalence 12 Prevalence 3
Diversity 19 Diversity 19
No one religion or pantheon dominates, although worship of the Jalani or Zhaol gods is most common. Little scholarship originates in Zur.  Any scholars found in Zur are likely exiled heretics or political victims.
Arts Magic
Tolerance 11 Tolerance 12
Prevalence 6 Prevalence 12
Diversity 19 Diversity 19
As with the other humanities, the arts are quite diverse in Zur, when they can be found (which is rarely). Magic is likewise diverse, and is prevalent enough to be commonly accepted, at least tacitly, in all its forms.  Mana use is slightly dominant, mostly due to its prevalence in surrounding cultures, and its utility in enchantment.

Primary Foundation Power Military Custom of Status 1
Rigidity of Status 1
Zur has almost no ceremony, other than whimsical creations of a few of its residents.  Some ship crews have developed more ceremonial elements, but such behavior is rarely adopted by the general populace.
Secondary Foundation Capability Martial
Other Foundations Power Esoteric
Capability Shipbuilding

Personal Freedom
Vertical Aspects Horizontal Aspects
Material Taxation Physical Exploitation
No official taxation exists.  Whatever an individual or group can hold onto, they can keep. Slavery is not an actual institution in Zur, although many specific instances of slavery exist.  The society as a whole will not enforce slavery, but neither will most oppose its practice in general.