Background Template Privileged Education Society Daenj
Members of the privileged status archetype have access to more education than members of the lower castes.  Even those of professional archetypes typically receive education limited to the profession into which they were born.  Those of privileged birth, however, have the freedom to pursue education and training beyond that of their parents.  Such education is available to both genders, although women are customarily educated in traditional feminine roles, such as healers and alchemists.
Requisites Privileged Archetype or higher
IP Cost 20
Benefits Etiquette (Daenji) 1 (3), Daenji Script 2,
Select three from: Administration 3, Artisan 3, Art 3, Diplomacy 3, Healing 3, Agriculture 3, Commerce 3, Engineering 3, Humanities 3, Science 3, [choose] Language 3, [choose] Lore 3, Politics 3, Research 3, [choose] Script 3.
Choose appropriate specialties for all skills selected.
Restrictions Languages and Scripts chosen should be from among neighboring cultures (this includes Ixtas).  Neither Spirit Lore nor Necromancy may be chosen as a Lore skill.