Background Template Eskrime (Fencing) Training Society Daenj
Eskrime teaches the art of fencing as practiced in Daenj.  Both Solo and Iskierte (with dagger) techniques are commonly taught, along with associated cultural and practical complementary skills.
The traditional Daenji weapons are a short slim sword (espate telkato, or simply espate) and sturdy dagger with curving quillions (sarsori).  Optional weapons include the saple (saber) and the foltreato, a longer sword designed to be used Solo.
Requisites Professional Archetype or higher
IP Cost 20
Benefits Skills: Short  Blade (Espate) 2 (3), Dual Weapons (Iskierte) 1 (3), Dodge 2
Select two from: Acrobatics 2, Athletics 3, Long Blades (Foltreato or Saple) 2 (3), Wearing Armor (Flexible) 1 (3)
Restrictions Personas who take this background package must pay double to develop shield skill until their shield skill is at least equal to their highest specialization rank of any of the above weapons.  This represents fundamental habits of style that become ingrained through Daenji Eskrime training.  For this reason, few professional soldiers train in this method, although it is more common among Daenji officers.