Society Name Yanshin World Placement
(Sea People) Great Sea, ranging from the Isthata Archipelago to coastal Karatas.
Society Concept Tribes of nomadic sailors who live much of their lives in large floating communities.
Terrain Yanshin terrain is typically ocean, but includes various islands and some undersea locations as well.  Undersea terrain is usually around an island or coastal shelf, but a few sea mounts that do not break the surface of ele Oceano Aesjareo are also known to the Yanshin.
Climate The climate of ele Oceano Aesjareo could be summarized as Maritime, only more so.  Most of the expanse of ele Oceano Aesjareo is tropical or sub-tropical.
Society Age Age Value 8 Society Scope 5
Years 1238 Society Location Great Sea
Founding Date AP -505 Geographic Size Small Country / Region
Population 40,000
Related Narrative Environments
Major Heritage Groups Yanshin (Itasu Human)
Minor Heritage Groups

Orientation Survival Active Isolation Value 6
Aspects Freedom Finding a Yanshin tribe in the vastness of the Great Sea can be difficult, and requires ocean-going transport.
Technology Value Interaction Value 8
Areas of Emphasis Ocean-going navigation and catamaran  construction, oceanic agriculture and fishing, culture. Yanshin do trade occasionally with Aezjarea, Bustaba, Karatas, Ixtas, and Merochas. Some trade with T'Nubci tribes as well.
Rate of Advancement 6
Rate of Assimilation 6 Subsistance
Major Incipient Agriculture
Innovation Minor Primary Fisher
Dominant Material 9
Power / Manufacturing 8 Societal Mobility Nomadic
Agriculture / Environment 14 Subclassification Tinker-trader nomad
Building / Architecture 6
Transport / Communication 17 Kinship
Ascendant Non-dominant
Military 7
Miscellaneous 10 Lineage Determinant Omnidirectional
Cultural 10 Inheritance Pattern Non-Partible

Political Infrastructure Primitive Clan Economic Infrastructure
Exchange System Trading
Power 5 Economy Type Barter
Authority 5 Yanshin barter for anything they want/need. Most basic needs they provide for themselves.
Consent 5
Constitutional Support 1
Legal Complexity 2
Military Infrastructure Resource Value 7
Primary Force Militia (volunteer)


Yanshin usually have enough to survive on, with some resources left over for occasional trade (especially handcrafted goods and marine resources such as rare essences or coral, etc.)
Tribal warriors/hunters. Warfare among the Yanshin is rare
Supplementary Forces Exploitation 16 80%
Yanshin naval power is highly capable in some aspects, but unused for the most part. Yanshin exploit every resource of the sea (and some from the land) for which  they can find a use.
Relations 5 Trade 7
Yanshin have fair relations with almost every other culture; they seldom compete for resources. Yanshin trade for items they cannot obtain for themselves, and often act as intermediaries for trade between Aezjarean and human cultures.

Religion Scholastics
Tolerance 13 Tolerance 10
Prevalence 10 Prevalence 8
Diversity 6 Diversity 7
Yanshin worship Asuan. Yanshin support some scholarship as they are able.
Arts Magic
Tolerance 10 Tolerance 10
Prevalence 8 Prevalence 9
Diversity 7 Diversity 10
Yanshin support arts as they are able.  Yanshin artwork is distinctive and highly valued in some areas, especially those without direct access to the sea. Magic is a part of Yanshin life, and is often relied on by Yanshin communities.

Primary Foundation Capability Esoteric Custom of Status 2
Adepts, both priestly and secular, have a high degree of status due to their powers. Rigidity of Status 4
Secondary Foundation Capability Economic
Those who can hunt, build ships, and fish have more significant status according to their ability.
Other Foundations Tradition Kinship
Those who are descended from great priests, adepts or hunters have some status from that relationship.
Those who can better support their Clans through their wealth have higher status.

Personal Freedom
Vertical Aspects Horizontal Aspects
Material  Transportation Social
Clan ships belong to the clan community. Few aspects of life are controlled by the Clan - but individuals will rarely do anything to risk the Clan.
Physical Geographic Mobility
Any tribe member can travel with any clan, so long as he/she contributes to that clan.