Society Name Aezjarea World Placement
Island Continent in the southern reaches of ele Oceano Aesjareo.
Society Concept Ancient culture of an enigmatic and reclusive humanoid species.
Terrain ??? 
Climate ??? 
Society Age Age Value 10 Society Scope 7
Years 11,683 Society Location Aezjarea
Founding Date AV -10,950 Geographic Size Large Country / Region
Population 432,000
Maps Environment
Related Narrative Environments
Major Heritage Groups Aezjarean
Minor Heritage Groups Kri'ik, Dwarves

Orientation Equilibrium Passive Isolation Value 4
Aspects Aezjarea is separated from all other cultures by the vastness of the Great Ocean. The closest human culture is Karatas.
Technology Value 19 Interaction Value 7
Areas of Emphasis Regression in Architecture, Manufacturing, and Transport. 
Cultural Innovation has stagnated. No significant advances have been made in any area in over 500 years.
Aezjarea engages in limited trade with the Sea People, and will trade with those who visit, but do not seek outside contact.
Rate of Advancement 1
Rate of Assimilation 1 Subsistance
Major Fully Agricultural
Innovation Minor Fully Agricultural
Dominant Material 20
Power / Manufacturing 19 Societal Mobility Sedentary
Agriculture / Environment 20 Subclassification Sedentary
Building / Architecture 18
Transport / Communication 19 Kinship
Military 20 Ascendant Non-dominant
Miscellaneous 19 Lineage Determinant Cognatic
Cultural 17 Inheritance Pattern Partible

Political Infrastructure Advanced Divided Economic Infrastructure
Aristocracy Exchange System Buying & Selling
Power 6 Economy Type Currency
Authority 7 Advanced economy, with a tangled
interdependency of interests.  Overall structure is corporatist.
Consent 7
Constitutional Support 6
Legal Complexity 8 Resource Value 12
Military Infrastructure
Primary Force Professional


Exploitation 16 80%
Strong naval forces and infantry with advanced weaponry (36,000).  Aezjarea has not fought a war with any outside power in over 500 years. Aezjarea
Supplementary Forces
Numerous Aezjarean mystic organizations and combat "hobbyists" are available to back up the standing military forces.
Relations 4 Trade 8
Distrustful of "barbarians" and the typical chaos they engender. Trade with Aezjarea

Religion Scholastics
Tolerance 13 Tolerance 16
Prevalence 10 Prevalence 15
Diversity 11 Diversity 14
Aezjareans regard religion as a community responsibility, and professional "priests" handle that responsibility for all Aezjarean communities.  Actual personal worship is nearly unknown. Aezjarean scholastics focus on further refinement and debate on existing knowledge.  No new research is performed.
Arts Magic
Tolerance 17 Tolerance 15
Prevalence 16 Prevalence 12
Diversity 14 Diversity 12
Like Scholastics, the Arts are pursued subject to accepted styles and themes.  Refinement of existing techniques is regarded as the height of artistic achievement. Adept training is readily available for all known forms of arcane study.  Refinement of existing knowledge is the focus.  New effects or applications of effects are rare.

Primary Foundation Tradition Cultural Custom of Status 8
Rigidity of Status 9
Aezjarean customs and ceremony are ancient and fixed.  No changes are considered.
Secondary Foundation Philosophy Obligations
Other Foundations Capability various

Personal Freedom
Vertical Aspects Horizontal Aspects