Heritage Group Pelosi Species Human
Environments Pelos Race Jalani
Belaquin Heritage IP Cost 10

Inherent Attributes
Physique 2 (Constitution) (+1) Coordination 2 Intellect 2 Charisma 2
Aura 2 Insight 0 Faith 2 (Jalani Pantheon)

Background Aspects

Inherent Aspects Recommended Aspects
Tolerence of Extremes: Cold 3 Repulsion: Psychic Talents


Inherent Skills Recommended Skills
Pelos Lore 5 Craft: Rope Use
Language: Pelosi 5  Wilderness
(select one Recommended Skill at Rank 3) Athletics
Profile Restrictions

Physical Traits

Frame Appearance
Frame Modifier (M) +2 Pelosi have mostly typical Jalani features: bronze to olive complexions, black hair, and brown or hazel eyes.  However, some Pelosi may have brown hair.  Jalani are noted for their prominent noses, ranging from impressive to simply huge, and Pelosi are no exception.  Pelosi are slightly heavier in build than most Jalani.
Frame Modifier (F) +1
Variation Low
Average (M) 6
Min/Max (M) 5/7
Average (F) 5 Resilience
Min/Max (F) 4/6
Variation Average
Average (M) 6
Min/Max 3/8 Age
Average (F) 5 Child 12
Min/Max 2/7 Adolescent 20
Young 30
Adult 45
Old 60
Elderly 80
Gender Ratio Venerable 100+
Male 48%
Female 52% Average Lifespan 60 years

Cultural Features

Principle Environment Cool Temperate Adaptation Average
Dominance Orientation Balanced 
(Ethnocentric towards Daenji and Mylharrans)
Pelosi are the dominant group in Pelos.  They are non-dominant in Jyvelik, Belaquin, and Daenj. Aspects Prevention (conquest)
Reaction (consolidation)
Pelosi are traditionally isolationist.  However, the recent incursions by Mylharra through the peltano te los tiosas (steps of the gods) have shattered the complacency of the Pelosi.  Pelosi cultural attitudes are now in turmoil - what the outcome of this period of change will be is not yet certain.
Language West Jalani
Language Family Jalani
Dialect Pelosi
Related Dialects Belaquin
Custom and Lifestyle Status and Family
Symbols and Arts Clothing and Decoration
Pelosi garb varies, but a typical farmer dresses in a woolen jerkin and trousers, low boots or sandals, a wide-brimmed hat, and possibly a light wool cloak or robe in cool or wet weather.  Pelosi women typically wear woolen blouses and skirts, sandals, and wide-brimmed hats or head scarves.

Wealthy Pelosi wear finer quality woolen or cotton clothing.  Silk is used only for linings or accoutrements, rarely for whole garments.

Religion and Magic Historical Notes
Pelosi favor the deities Natup and Maeron, with Cyphus a close third.  The worship of Estopa is known, but not popular here.