There are six dominant sentient humanoid species on Geoza.. Of the six, humans are by far the most numerous. This is a product of both their intense procreative urge and their drive to dominate and control. Certain non-human observers have noted that only a similar urge toward intra-species violence keeps the humans from out-producing the rabbits. The other five species are less numerous.
Drushae, Dwarves and Aezjareans closely resemble humans, differing only in size and appearance. Kri'ik and Hssuga are humanoid, but are very different from humans in both appearance and physiology. All six are alike in that they are sentient, have two genders, are bilaterally symmetrical with two arms and two legs, and can stand and walk erect. The Kri'ik have wings, and the Hssuga have a tail, but otherwise the outward forms are basically the same.
There are other sentient humanoid species: Troglodytes ("Goblins"), Trolls, and Ogres, for example. However, those species do not exhibit the same degree of cultural advancement, nor are they found to inhabit as many diverse regions as the six dominant ones. For this reason, they are not generally regarded as dominant species.