The Geoza Calendar

The calendar generally used in the Riverlands is derived from the Ancient Aezjarean calendar, but local legends, religion, and politics have modified it substantially. The ancient Aezjarean calendar was based on the cycles of the greater moon Yezun, each of which lasted 29 Geozan days, or almost three cycles of the lesser moon Verym. The Aezjarean year was measured in 13 such cycles, plus two days to finish out the solar cycle of 379 days. This resulted in a year of 37 Verym cycles, plus seven days.
The common calendar keeps this basic counting method, based on the Yezun cycle, but ignores the Verym cycle totally, only a vestige remaining in the common Tiestia (ten-day) reckoning. The sequence of tiestia is interrupted twice each year for festival days, which are not part of any tiestia. The Jalani named the days after various celestial bodies (themselves often named for Jalani gods) visible in the night sky of Geoza: Verytia, Yeztia, Chaeltia, Estotia, Maertia, Ciftia, Asutia, Daetia, Naptia, and Soltia.
This common calendar is used from Zur to Malyk, with the exception of Mekystan, which uses a solar calendar of five seasons, ten months, and seven-day weeks. Since this system doesn't stay in line with the heavenly movements, enough Holy Days and festivals are added to the ten five-week months to equal the solar year. Only Mekystanis bother to figure it out.

Four common means of reckoning the year:

Anno Viyo Merochasan Current Year = AV 734
Regal years Mylharran Current Year = 23rd Year of the Reign of the Emperor Arshanatu, son of Shenaru, son of Zhojen.
Year of the Temple Karatasan Current Year = YT 1078
19-year cycles Aezjarean Current Year = Year of the Dragon
For the purposes of the game, dates will commonly be reckoned in either AV or YT dates. Most dates will be given in AV dates, since Merochas is the center of current game play.
Aezjarean 19-year cycle Mylharran Emperors -

Length of Reigns

1 Auroch Raesh 36
2 Roc Ine 21
3 Mirkat Timaen 16
4 Monkey Retsu I 24
5 Shark Ama-Raesh 41
6 Bear Zhosh 27
7 Dragon Retsu II 34
8 Rat Shenaru I 12
9 Dove Nenraken 26
10 Kraken Anaten 2
11 Cat Arzhen 23
12 Serpent Hashuren 25
13 Eagle Shenaru II 14
14 Horse AmaRetsu 5
15 Leopard Zhojen 15
16 Falcon Shenaru III 28
17 Griffin Arshanatu 23*
18 Dolphin
19 Dog
* Arshanatu has reigned 23 years as of AV 734.