Omnessence Cost Guidelines

Geoza incorporates some additions and changes to the standard ARIA Omnessence cost guidelines.  This listing includes all of the standard ARIA costs, with changes or additions as applicable.
Scope Potency Intricacy


Omnessence Effect Levels and Cost Ranges
Slight 1-3 Omnessence
Moderate 4-6 Omnessence
Impressive 10-20 Omnessence
Epic 21-35 Omnessence
Mythic 36-50 Omnessence


Form / State Paradigm is affecting a State (default for Conjuration, Divination, Manipulation) 1
Paradigm is affecting a Form (default for Creation, Destruction, Transformation) 3
Base Scope Basic Range, Area, and Duration values 2
Range According to Origin / Paradigm varies
Area According to Origin / Paradigm varies
Duration According to Origin / Paradigm varies


Conflict Each Attack Modifier value 3
Each Defense Modifier value 3
Causes target to make some kind of Trial varies according to Trial
Direct consequences of Trial failure
Unwilling action, passivity (fatigue, sleep, paralysis, etc.) Moderate
Physical or Psychological Harm (Shock, Trauma) Impressive
Serious Harm (Wound, Insanity, etc.) Epic
Fatal or nearly Fatal Harm (Aging, Death, etc.) Mythic
Default Difficulty of Trial
Routine (5) Slight
Moderate (10) Moderate
Challenging (15) Impressive
Difficult (20) Epic
Formidable (25+) Mythic
Enhancement / Hindrance Each rank improved / hindered costs a number of Omnessence Points equal to the Interaction Point cost required to purchase the new rank (effects that decrease abilities incur costs as if the adept were increasing the rank by the amount it is to be reduced).
Eliminating an existing hindrance is possible (used for healing effects to eliminate wound penalties - full healing requires that all Hindrances from a Wound be eliminated) 3 x Hindrance value
Granting new abilities is possible, some examples:
Fundamental Inertia This category applies to both physical and psychological "movement" of all kinds.
Effect is complementary to target's State (slight change in temperature or direction of movement) Slight
Effect causes a minor alteration to target's state (simple suggestion, causing movement where none existed before) Moderate
Effect causes a significant alteration to target's state (an action opposed to nature or inclination) Impressive
Effect causes a major change to target's state (life-risking action or actions) Epic
Effect causes a fundamental change to target's state Mythic
Size Up to 50% larger or smaller than original size Slight
Up to 100% larger or smaller than original size Moderate
More than 100% smaller than original size Impressive
Up to 500% larger than original size Impressive
Up to 1000% larger than original size Epic
More than 1000% larger than original size Mythic
Imagery Illusionary images of:
Flux, Spirit Slight
Matter Moderate
Organic Impressive
Reality Epic


Nature of Change If alteration is within a Dominion, apply value once.  If altering from one Dominion to another, apply both initial and target Dominion values.
Flux Slight
Matter Moderate
Will Moderate
Organic Impressive
Spirit Impressive
Reality Epic
Sentience Costs apply to both progression and regressions (for regressions, use cost of initial state)
Non-sentient or partially sentient Slight
Sentient Impressive
Hyper-sentient Epic
Penetration Effects penetrate (pass through) Spirit, Will, or Flux barriers Moderate
Effects penetrate Matter barriers Impressive + Affinity
Effects penetrate Organic barriers Epic + Affinity
Effects penetrate Reality barriers Mythic
Creation / Restoration Effects create an elementary construction (restoring a broken glass, healing a light wound, or creating a simple energy construct) Slight
Effects create a more complicated Matter, Organic, or Flux element (creating a table and chairs, recreating a complex sound or music, healing a wound) Moderate
Effects create very intricate elements (complex illusions from Spirit, healing broken bones / severe wounds, creating Reality constructs) Impressive
Effects create almost anything except complex sentient organic beings (major healing, etc.) Epic
Effects create anything within the bounds of the Origin Mythic
Destruction / Depletion Normally, this would fall within the bounds of Potency, above.  Sufficient power to overcome the innate structure of the target would be necessary.
Detection / Divination / Sensitivity Effects target:
Will, Organic, Matter (non-living matter) Moderate
Spirit, Flux Impressive
Reality Epic
Depth of Contact Surface (scanning for general emotion, etc.) Slight
Casual (general information) Moderate
Intent (specific information requiring some coercion of subject, or overcoming barriers to knowledge) Impressive
Deep (extensive specific information or insight) Epic
Total (no secrets are withheld, all information available is known) Mythic
Target Familiarity Very familiar Slight
Somewhat familiar Moderate
Unfamiliar Impressive
Components Thought only Slight
Visual, audible, or other elements Slight per added element
Energy Elemental effects are present (i.e. fire acts like real fire, not just power that appears to be fire).
Earth, Water, Fire, Air (Sound) Moderate
Spirit, Force, Electrical, Chemical Impressive
Perception / Illusion Effects target one element of perception (one sense) Slight
Effects target two elements of perception (an illusion that can be seen and heard) Moderate
Effects target three elements of perception (an illusion that can be seen, heard, and felt) Impressive
Effects target four or more elements of perception (a nearly perfect illusion, or nearly complete undetectability) Epic
Effects target any conceivable combination of elements Mythic