Vocation Riverlands Mercenary Environment All
Environments All Riverlands Societies Vocational Cluster Warrior
IP Cost ?? Archetype of Vocation Professional, Labor, or Marginal
Purpose Services Specialization Range Average
Vocational Prominence varies by society; typically 4 or lower. Itinerant? Yes
Official? Possible Official Title (varies)
Official Skills Vocational Skill Military
(possible; varies by society)
Attributes Skills
Physique +1 Military 3, Brawl 2, Athletics 2, (Favored Weapon) 3, Wearing Armor 2.

Select two from Observation 2, Wilderness 2, Carting 2, Riding 2, Mounted Combat 2,  Animal Handling 2, 2nd Favored Weapon 2.

Traits Background Aspects
If Somatype less than Ideal (4), increase by 1.  If Somatype greater than Stout, decrease by 1. Strong Stomach 2

Vocational Notes

Riverlands Mercenaries can be found throughout the Riverlands region, although they are most commonly found in Telrak, Merochas, or Pelos.