Vocation Drushae-trained Psychic Environment All
Environments Any Drushae Location Vocational Cluster Arcane
IP Cost 50 Archetype of Vocation Any
Purpose Services Specialization Range High
Vocational Prominence 2 (among Drushae; can be higher in outside societies) Itinerant? Yes
Time Required Three Years Vocational Skill Psychic Disciplines
Attributes Skills
Aura (Empathy) +0 (+2) Meditation (Concentration) 5, Etiquette (Psychic) 1 (3).
ESP (Mindsense) 3, Prescience (Dangersense) 3, Psychometry (??) 3, Clairsentience (Extension or Projection) 3, Pneumosis (Dreaming or Astral Projection) 3, Somasis (Enhance Resistance or Tolerance of Extremes) 3

Select two of the Latent Disciplines at rank 5, and one Advanced Discipline at rank 2 (Persona must meet requisites for discipline selected).

Traits Background Aspects
--- Psychic Talent 1

Vocational Notes

Drushae Psychics (and psychics of other species who have been trained by Drushae) are among the most gifted psychics in Geoza.  Though the Drushae by no means hold a monopoly on highly developed psychic skills, the fact that all Drushae are psychic leads to an inherent acceptance of psychic ability in Drushae culture, and a habitual use and practice of its disciplines.  This constant use and reinforcement places any Drushae among the most experienced psychics in Geoza.

Drushae do not often train psychics of other species directly, and when they do, the subject is invariably highly gifted, showing strong latent potential, or demonstrating previous training.