Geoza Attributes

Attributes are the foundation of a persona's definition.  They are the core representation of a persona's abilities, and measure physical, mental, social, and spiritual capabilities.  Attribute ratings normally range from 1 to 5 for human personas, although certain background aspects and/or species may allow a slightly higher rating.
There are seven attributes in the Geoza streamlined rules: five of those attributes are possessed by all personas, while the remaining two apply only to personas with specific natures.  The Geoza attributes are:
Physique represents a persona's physical prowess in terms of physical strength, endurance, toughness, and overall fitness.  Physique is an important attribute for any persona who will engage in strenuous physical activity (athletics, combat, physical labor, etc.)
Coordination measures a persona's physical agility, quickness, grace, and coordination.  Coordination is an important attribute for any persona for whom movement, dexterity, or speed are significant aspects of the persona concept.
Intellect represents a persona's intelligence, reasoning, memory, and perception.  Intellect is important for any persona who wants to be able to perform well in mental tasks or contests.
Charisma measures a persona's personal appeal, leadership qualities, and general social aptitude.  Charisma is important for personas who need to be able to influence, persuade, or lead others. 
Aura represents a persona's mystical force.  Aura is used for many psychic and mystical tasks, and is important for personas who wish to use psychic abilities or magic.  Aura is also important for establishing a persona's Affinity - her ability to resist or be affected by most outside magical influences. 
Insight is not possessed by all personas.  Only personas who have developed an innate talent for perceiving and manipulating Sorcerous energies will have a rating in this attribute.  Insight is essential for Sorcerer personas.
Faith is a common attribute for humans, but is nearly unknown among other species.  Faith represents a persona's belief in and commitment to a higher ideal.  Such a higher ideal may be an abstract ideal such as freedom, love, or justice, or it may be the personified ideal of a deity.  Each persona's Faith attribute must have a specified object to which it applies.  Faith is important for religious personas or  for any persona who embodies a strength of purpose and dedication to a spiritual cause.


Each attribute has two subsidiary aspects, called edges.  Edges provide a modification to the governing attribute for situations where that edge would apply.  Edges are represented by '+' or '-' values, which represent the number of dice added to or taken away from the base attribute dice for an applicable situation.  Personas do not have to have edges, but edges can provide additional definition to a persona.
For example, a very smart persona who has great powers of memory or reasoning might not be as proficient at noticing things.  This persona's attribute and edge might be listed as Intellect (Perception) 4 (-2).  This would indicate that for most Intellect trials, the persona rolls four dice, except for trials dealing with perception, when only two dice would be available.
Edges can also add dice to an attribute.  Consider a stocky persona who is much tougher than their physical strength rating.  This persona's attribute and edge might be rated as Physique (Constitution) 3 (+2).  For most trials involving physique, this persona would roll three dice, but for any trials dealing with constitution (toughness, endurance, etc.) five dice would be available.
The edges for each of the seven attributes are listed here:
Physique Edges
- Strength modifies a persona's ability to lift objects or exert force.
- Constitution modifies the endurance, health, and toughness of the persona.

Coordination Edges
- Dexterity modifies a persona's agility and precision.
- Quickness modifies a persona's speed, reflexes, and initiative.

Intellect Edges
- Perception modifies a persona's perception and intuition.
- Logic modifies a persona's reasoning and problem-solving.

Charisma Edges
- Presence modifies a persona's force of personality and ability to inspire others.
- Willpower modifies a persona's strength of will and mental resilience.

Aura Edges
- Empathy modifies a persona's attunement with the mystical forces of the world around her.
- Affinity modifies a persona's ability to resist outside mystical effects.

Insight Edges
- Source modifies a persona's ability to draw on the energies of Sorcery.
- Structure modifies a persona's ability to use the energies of Sorcery to create mystical effects.

Faith Edges
- Conviction modifies a persona's strength of belief and depth of conviction in faith.
- Communion modifies a persona's ability to gain understanding and insight into the meaning of his beliefs, and ability to draw on the powers of his deity (if applicable).


Geoza Attribute Comparison with ARIA

The following table outlines the attributes used in the Geoza streamlined rules, along with the corresponding "Edges" (similar to those found in the ICON system) and a cross-reference to the closest corresponding Aria Attributes.  Personas will automatically have ratings in Physique, Coordination, Intellect, Charisma, and Aura.  Personas may or may not have ratings in Faith or Insight.  Those Attributes are typically developed through religious or ideological experience, or through specialized magical studies.
Geoza Attribute Geoza Edge Aria Attribute
Physique Strength Strength
Constitution Endurance, Hardiness
Coordination Dexterity Agility, Manual Dexterity
Quickness Quickness
Intellect Perception Perception, Intuition
Logic Logic, Intelligence
Charisma Presence Appearance, Communication, Presence
Willpower Willpower
Aura Empathy Empathy, (Wisdom)
Insight Source Insight
Faith [Object] Conviction Faith
As the above table indicates, each Attribute has two corresponding Edges.  For example, Physique is the base Attribute for both the Strength and Constitution Edges.  Attributes and Edges are commonly annotated as [Attribute (Edge) N (+-M)] or, as an example: Physique (Constitution) 3 (+1).  This example indicates that the persona has an overall Physique of 3, but for tests which apply to Constitution, her effective Physique is a 4 (adding the +1 Edge to her base Physique).  A persona can have more than one Edge for an Attribute.  The example persona just mentioned might also have a Coordination (Dexterity, Quickness) 4 (+1,+2).  This indicates that her base Coordination is a 4, but her Dexterity is effectively a 5, and her Quickness is effectively a 6.
Note: in this modified system, a Geoza attribute is roughly comparable to twice its rating in Aria terms.  A Coordination of 4, for example, would be the equivalent of an Attribute of 8 in the Aria system.  There are some associated changes to other characteristics.
Attributes are important, because the effective Attribute rating is the number of d10's rolled for any given test.  In summary, an Attribute rating of 2 is average for a human, and an Attribute rating of 6 is the maximum possible for a human without supernatural aid (and even a 6 cannot be achieved without a special background trait).  An attribute rating of 5 is the normal maximum for most humans.  A human with a Physique (Strength) of 5 is equivalent to a champion body-builder or weight lifter, for example.




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